Moto GP event assistance

Moto GP rotary assistance
L to R: Bruce Standfield, Lyn Linton, Laurie Warfe and Peter Tilley performing their car park marshal duties at the Moto GP 2023 at Phillip Island.

Thanks to Peter Tilley, Lyn Linton and Bruce Standfield for volunteering to help out at the Moto GP event at Phillip Island Saturday 21 October. The group answered the call for assistance from the Rotary Club of Phillip Island who welcomed extra car parking attendants and marshals to help with the busy crowds on the day.

Despite a late start due to a very slow traffic queue when approaching the racing circuit, we were finally able to get to work ensuring patrons and staff were guided to their appropriate places. Luckily, the weather was fine, unlike the following day when the event was cancelled due to rain and gale force winds.

It turned out to be a well organised combined Rotary event which allowed the Phillip Island, Wonthaggi and Foster clubs to share the load and enjoy the opportunity of working and interacting together.