The Past Year In Review

I guess it’s been termed by many in the community as what a year? For Rotary it was certainly interesting and difficult and trying at times but in the end we were able to achieve several successful outcomes. Luckily when lock downs were not in place we were able to run a few successful Prom Produce and Craft Markets and wood raffles allowing us to support local and overseas organisations and projects.

Video meetings (ah, modern technology) became the norm allowing members to stay in touch with one another and to deal with matters tabled. Thanks to all the guest speakers from all parts of Australia and overseas who gave up their valuable time and interesting talks on a variety of subjects.

Major projects completed during the year, the rotunda next to the playground at the Foster Showgrounds, great for picnics and shelter for parents and children and the refurbishment of the 50 year time capsule and ultimate re internment of the capsule. (containing some 130 envelopes) The capsule will be exhumed in 50 years time at Foster bi-centennial celebrations. Can’t wait. Also knitted scalfs, jumpers and beanies were generously knitted by locals and sent to the needy to West African destinations.

During the 20-21 year the Rotary Club was pleased to be able to support the following local and overseas organisations and projects to the tune of approximately $37,000. Local projects and community support was provided to Foster’s 150th year time capsule event, the rotunda at the Foster Showgrounds, Centenary House at Traralgon, Fish Creek Primary School breakfast program, Foster Primary and Secondary Schools and a defibrillator at the Foster Football rooms. Overseas contributions included District Governors Partner Programme for the eradication of Malaria, Disaster Aid Australia, Interplast, Laos student scholarship, RAWCS, ROMAC and Polio Plus.

Other funds have been set aside for but not yet disbursed due to Covid; the Timor Leste project, Mercy Ships and PCAC, Hospital and Medical Centre pathway.

Like to join the Rotary Club of Foster? Just contact one of our members or find out more of what we do on this website.

Or you may like to become a Friend of Rotary Club of Foster. This allows you to dip your toe in the water and to experience what Rotary is about without becoming a full member. It may involve helping out with wood raffles or the Prom Produce market or any other project Rotary may be involved with. To find out more please contact Geoff Webster 0437 822605 or Steve Paragreen 0427 822120.

Lastly but not least a big thank you to all who support our markets and wood raffles and Rotary in general. Without your support we would not have been able to support the above organisations.